1. Just so you know,

    I can add being bitten to the things done to me by students. I really thought I had had it all.

    That being said however, today was the best day yet. Everyone ended on the highest behavior level, and we got to play outside. I might have even grown a microscopic filament of attachment to them (this has been slow going).

    The biting only happened on the way out the door after school when a kid got bumped, got mad, destroyed the room, and then bit me when I tried to calm him down.

    Eh. You win some, you lose some, you tie some.


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    I -still- have an outline of a bottom row of teeth on my left arm from being bitten almost 2 months ago by a child at...
  3. relativekarma said: I am sorry. It’s the head butts that always get me. I hope today is better!
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