1. Week 2: Lost and Found

    Well, Week 2 is winding down, and it was pretty rough. I came back from getting Jenga blocks thrown at me with a vengeance and put my foot down on a lot of behaviors. The last two days have been better, and I realize that I have gotten caught up in all the hype surrounding my kids.

    OMG, they’re ED! Yes, but I have to keep remembering that they are doing EXACTLY what my first class did at the beginning, and I whipped them into great shape. I think that this class’ behaviors are more persistent and that it’s definitely a finer line between keeping boundaries/giving them space and giving consequences/not setting them off. But as far as keeping order, letting them know where I stand, and getting stuff done, I really don’t know why I’ve been tripping. I have been tiptoeing around them because of their disability, unpredictability, and all the—like I said—hype and fear that I keep getting bombarded with, and I guess you could say that I have kind of lost myself in the classroom. 

    Next week, it’s back to tough, bitchy, business-like love. 


  1. relativekarma said: Next week, it’s back to tough, bitchy, business-like love. Love it! Luck!
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